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we came up with the idea of a shell mover to aid restorers who want to move their shells around ( to the paint shop/ blasters etc ) the shell mover will fit most shells out there , and with the soft strong rubber 125 mm wheels rated at 600kgs it will carry nearly any shell . we normally pick up on the front chassis legs and rear spring mounts for strength . the wheel base is very similar to the car so it will go up a trailer that uses ramps with no hassle , it comes apart into 4 sections for shipping and storage, the length is also adjustable . with a car on the mover it will sit slightly lower than normal ( this aids stability ) the whole frame weighs around 30 kgs and it will fit in the boot of your average car.


our mover works perfectly with all of our jigs, but works especially well with the deluxe as you can leave the mover on while you work on the car , saving you time and effort