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our flatpack jig is a standard jig , but in kit form , its designed originally for the world market as it packages up a lot smaller than a standard jig for shipping purposes.


because its cheaper to manufacture and ship it also appeals to those on a budget

( these days most of us )


as with all things flatpack it means self assembly, but this isnt just bolts and screws , it needs welding together. all the steel is cut to the correct shape / size and length with the correct angles where needed .it comes with simple build intructions which are easy to follow and includes pictures ( the instructions are step by step and need to be followed ) unlike ikeas flatpack instructions ours make sense,


tools needed are a welder that will weld 2-3 mm steel with good penetration, a drill , a grinder and a spirit level .we build these day in and day out in our workshop and they take us 25 mins . the average customer jig build time is 1 hour


jigs fasten to cars in different ways , most will bolt in the same or a similar area to where the bumpers are this is usually quite strong , this isnt always the positon to pivot the car . on some shells it could make them top heavy , were applicable we recommend the use of ( a dropper ) this will come supplied in the kit if its needed .


the dropper is designed to move the pivot point , as you see in the image above , rather than the pivot point being the centre of the bumper its now 150mm higher which means the car is now 150mm lower overall, and less top heavy