restoration frames ,power steering

brake kits , drive train and more


for more product info and general enquiries please call RICK on 07970457458 (working hours only) or email

" its not what you got its how you use it "


the original " designed and made by mk2mania " tried and tested, over 1000 satisfied jig customers


this is our pole type jig, mainly used on the older mini simply passing a pole through the centre of the car, its easy and well balanced


the jig/ spit does what it says on the tin, you can turn your car like a pig on a spit,

( your mini will rotate full 360 degrees on a pole jig ) a must if your restoring, can be fitted and used by one man ( but safer and easier with 2 ) , if your capable of restoring your car your capable of using the jig , get your shell off the floor bolt front and rear sections to your shell , raise the shell and slide on the a frames and your off, comes apart easy for storage .all the above means it makes your welding, painting , restoration a lot easier and safer


if you have any questions or would like more product info try our call back service, just text the words "call back " to 07970 457458 if you prefer you can email us


please dont confuse our jigs with others ,we have been producing spits commercially since 2005 ( check our feedback / history ) other jigs may look the same "but they're not" most jigs do the job but ours do it better.


all our equipment is made using thick walled steel section and tubing with zinc coated high tensile fastenings, all sliding and adjustable joints are a snug fit so will need regular oil / grease, all are oil coated so will last forever and a day even left outside


due to the mini jigs size / shape and weight postage can seem quite high, but we will not compromise on steel thickness or quality, but if your nearby you can always collect