restoration frames ,power steering

brake kits , drive train and more


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" its not what you got its how you use it "



this fiesta started off as a very straight mk1 1.1 popular it underwent a motor swap in the 90s with some mild suspension tweeks and a cage, then it came into the hands of the paint wizard "robbo" who derotted the shell and minted the body with a lick of nordic blue, then it had a full motor overhaul , and was put back together and used for only a short time before it came over to us. its now been put back together to our spec and settings and is having its van rear panels put back in.


fiesta spec:

rebuilt super straight and strong early mk1 fiesta shell, painted inside and out nordic, full saftey devices rollcage. very fresh and quick 1760 xflow with a neil bould big valve cylinder head fast road cam with duplex timing gear the motor uses only competition bearings and bolts. we run bestek dizzy and twin 45 carbs, this is all bolted to a series 1 turbo lsd 5 speed gearbox. the handling is down to fully adjustable leda suspension all round with xr2 brakes and quality pads, wheels are supersports with the sticky a048s. inside are the essential buckets belts and gauges, altogether its a right fun little package that puts a big smile on your face ( even though it drives the fronts )