restoration frames ,power steering

brake kits , drive train and more


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" its not what you got its how you use it "



here at "mk2mania" we also need the use of a recovery vehicle and/or a trailer, and as with all the things we use or need, theres nothing out there to buy or hire that will do the job how we need it to be done , so out with the welder and tools again and here is were the saying " built not bought " gets used

even though we love our fords, the transit just doent cut it any more. from previous experiance they just arnt powerfull enough and are made from tinfoil. and it pains me to say that the only way for a good strong spec lift chassis is to use a sprinter, with this in mind we built " TUG " number 2, and a compact 2 car trailer to go with it

along with the help of marc " THE MEXICAN " france , who also built most of

" TUG " number 1 , we eventually after 100's of hour built both units ( you think building escorts cost £££ ) but as with all our builds this will do its job well and go the distance , and it looks good cause its the right colur and full of bling !!!