restoration frames ,power steering

brake kits , drive train and more


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" its not what you got its how you use it "



this car was built on our very first rollover jig, and was fitted with our first power steering system, since then the car has undergone another full mechanical rebuild, but it still has the original p.a.s system which has been faultless for years, the car doesnt get used much, but has been built " for use and abuse". it mainly does track days but is road legal, it is also msa log booked as we hope to do local tarmac events in it


rally car spec:

this started off as a very straight 1.3l , it came to us after someone had glued some fibreglass forest arches on it , we took them off and minted the shell, welded the cage in and seamed it along with all the grp 4 usuals. 5 linked its turrets , front compressions struts , braced all over , it now runs an st170 with a ric wood head , jenvey 45s and s60 dta, along with the t law manifold it shows 250bhp and 200 tourques, its bolted to a type 9 crsc tran x box with a tall fifth and a 3j nxg 4.1 plate lsd with grp 4 2 piece shafts, gaz golds all round with rear coilovers and slipper springs , front end is fully adjustable camber / castor ,inc quick rack and our easy steer power steering, brakes are uprates and a bias pedal box with hydro handbrake , we try and run on kumho v70 or a048's 9" rear , 8" front ( always on 13") inside its old skool with new motordrive seats and 5 points, with all the usual rally bits, guages ,lights , etc, all in all its quite a handy little escort and can hold its own against cars with alot more power,